CS152, Fall 2020

Computer Programming Fundamentals
Style Guidelines

Professor: Leah Buechley (buechley@unm.edu)
Course: CS 152
Lecture Time: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 10-10:50am
Location: https://unm.zoom.us/j/97494480749, password required
Leah's Student Drop in Hours (AKA Office Hours): Tuesdays 2-3pm and Wednesdays 11-12pm

Lab Sections
SectionMeeting TimeTAZoom LinkDrop in Hours
006Tuesday 11am-12:15pmJaeren Tredwayhttps://unm.zoom.us/my/jaerens.labThursday 11am-1pm
005Thursday 9:30-10:45amBethany Penahttps://unm.zoom.us/my/bethany.labWednesday 3:30-4:30pm
Thursday 12:30-1:30pm
001Thursday 2-3:15pmArlin Pedregonhttps://unm.zoom.us/my/zoomwitharlinTuesday 3-4pm
Wednesday 6-7pm
002Friday 11am-12:20pmKayla Potterhttps://unm.zoom.us/my/kaylas.labWednesday 3-5pm

The CS department's tutoring schedule

Description and Learning Objectives
CS152 is an introduction to the art of computing. Computer Science is a fascinating, complex, beautiful, and critical field. Today, it plays an important role in nearly every other discipline, including healthcare, biology, journalism, architecture, and economics, just to name a few. After completing this course, you should be able to: 1) create programs in Java; 2) have a basic understanding of Computer Science as a field as well as its relationship to other disciplines; 3) and, most importantly, feel confident about playing and experimenting with code! This course will help you develop fundamental computational fluency. You will learn about conditionals, loops, functions, and basic data structures and get an introduction to different applicatons of computing. You will apply your skills to create programs that relate to your own interests and passions. These may include: data visualizations, video games, interactive art works, and scientific models.

CS152 is taught using the Java programming language. More specifically, this class will use the Processing platform, a Java programming tool that makes it easy to build interactive programs and to generate and manipulate media including images, text, and sound. You will also learn how to install and work with other Java platforms.

Java is an Object Oriented Programming (OOP) language. While you will be working some with Objects, CS152 is not a course on OOP. Experienced Java programmers with solid skills should skip CS152 and take CS251 (Intermediate Programming). CS251 is also currently taught in Java and its primary emphasis is on understanding, developing and applying OOP skills.

Assignments: 60%
Exams: 20%
Class participation and quizzes: 20%

For more information about Assignments and Grading see the Syllabus.