Prospective Students

Work by former students (from left to right): David Mellis, Jennifer Jacobs, Jie Qi, and Hannah Perner-Wilson.

I am looking for graduate students! Because the group is so new, there is some flexibility in the timeline for applications. If you are interested and think you are a good fit, be in touch! (buechley at

I am looking for students who are interested and skilled in some combination of the following things (in no particular order): computational design, digital fabrication, embedded computing, technology and learning, computer science education, human computer interaction, culture of technology, art, craft, programming language design, social justice, diversity in STEM and STEAM, materials science, gardening.

That’s a long list! Below are a few specific research topics I am especially excited about right now. Also check out our projects and publications pages for examples of projects in some of these areas. Ideally several or many resonate with you!

  • Developing technologies and techniques that integrate computation, fabrication, and craft
  • Developing new programming environments for computational design
  • Developing new integrations of craft, electronics, and computation
  • Researching the social and cultural implications of the technologies we develop
  • Developing culturally relevant approaches to CS education that blend computation with art and design


Q: Can I do a PhD remotely?
A: No. You would have to be in NM for the duration of the degree.

Q: Do I need to have an undergraduate degree in computer science to apply?
A: No, but you would be signing up to do a fairly traditional CS PhD, at least in terms of course work. You should have enough of a background in computer science, engineering, mathematics, or a similar discipline to enjoy and succeed in this experience. Note: your technical background need not be a traditional academic one, but it should be significant.

For more information about the PhD program in the computer science department at UNM, check out the department website. For more information about the application process, including application requirements, see the UNM graduate studies site.